It’s not just about protecting, it’s also about a new level of home security so you can keep track of delivery people, doors and windows being opened and closed, carbon monoxide, and water damage. We bring a whole new level of monitoring for safety and innovation to you.  Would you like to know who is at the front door from the back deck, right from your phone? Our systems deliver peace of mind and convenience in a simplified, proven way.

At Artistic Video & Sound we enable security and convenience into a simplified package to make life easier through the latest in technology.

Want the outside floodlights on from the owner's suite? Just tell Alexa, or click your phone. An integrated system that has been engineered and properly installed is what you need for reliability and ease of use.

Security systems at Artistic Video & Sound also can integrate with other Smart Home Technology such as heating, cooling, music, shades, and lighting.

We do not overlook any detail. There are many choices for your needs. We deliver safety, convenience and innovation and the ability to control your home perfectly. Talk to one of dedicated specialists today!