Smart Home and Home Automation will enhance your lifestyle and enable you to make technology work easily for adjusting lights, temperature, music options, video, security and more!

The Possibilities for Home Automation are Limitless, from Lighting to Home Theater and more...

Control Your Home Perfectly

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control your lights, music, security system, even temperature from across the room? Or how about from across the globe?   It all begins with the touch of a button. Imagine all your music, movies, sports, and TV at your command via a sleek remote, tablet, or convenient touchpad in any room. Imagine your security, climate, lighting, and more all under your control from any location with your favorite mobile device. Smart Home control system from Savant and Elan brings this power to you. Personalized to fit your lifestyle, these solutions range from simple media room control to whole-home entertainment and automation, even remote monitoring of vacation homes. And with its uniform look and feel, no matter which interface you touch, it will always feel like home


We feature Savant, Elan, Lutron Lighting and Lutron Shading

The team at Artistic Video & Sound can design an affordable and practical solution for your exact needs. Ask about a demo today for Smart Home and Home Automation today.
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