New Movie with Your Favorite Actress and Actor Announced

And now you’re even more excited because you no longer have to drive to the theater!

You’ve got the best seat in the house without leaving your home. No driving required.

Happy family watching projector, TV, movies with popcorn in the evening at home. Mother, father and daughters spending time together.
In fact, you can keep sweatpants on, and you’re not going to be late, because it starts whenever you want the movie to start.
Oh, and you don’t have to wait for ten minutes of trailers. Why?

Because you can watch with vivid quality on a large screen from Artistic Video and Sound. Many movies now are hitting streaming (services) like HBO Max at the same time they debut in the theater.

Now more than ever, you need us because we are the home theater specialists!

We’ve been leading the way for over twenty-seven years with the most innovative, proven technology for picture and sound.

We can design space in your basement, living room, or just about anywhere inside, or even outside of your home.

The rules have changed. Movie theaters don’t have the allure they used to.

We’ll make your system simple to use. 

We can give you 8K video in your living room, family room, or another suitable space. A home theater can mean taking an existing space and making the most of it to give you that special feeling for movie night, the big game, or another special that you can watch on-demand. 

Want special seating or bass so tight that the floor pulsates?

We have complete solutions for a dedicated space in your home. Our best of the best brands deliver top performance with screen sizes from monitors now over 100” and several feet for projectors with a sound like no other to rival the best theaters you’ve ever heard! 

Affectionate Young Family Watching TV At Home

You'll See Video Like You've NEVER Seen it Before

Make movies, sports, and other significant entertainment truer than life with our help.
Each one of our projects is designed just for you. We tailor your acoustics, space, and budget. And, we do it all from design, installation to operation.
Control your home perfectly with Artistic Video and Sound
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You’ll get the big picture right in your home!